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Tamiya The Hornet Model Review

Tamiya The Hornet Model Review


Model: TMYTAM58336



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TMYTAM58336 Reviews

“Great Re-Release Of A Classic Rc Buggy. ”

This really is a superb re-release of a classic Tamiya buggy design. I enjoy that my eight year old children were able to build the specific same kit that I built when I was their age. Quality of the parts are as good or even better than the first. Having children learn on a apparel buggy that is rear wheel drive is SUPER beneficial to their driving skills. Because they built it from a foundation bathtub kit, they know how it functions and how to repair it when things go wrong. Also taught them concerning gearing, the significance of lubrication, damping oil, the way NOT to overtighten a set screw (had to do you fill and drill, but they understood then…). The RTR 4×4 buggies are nice (they also have a Volcano), but don’t teach much about torque and ramble management, etc.. This buggy makes when you push it you WORK. Only making it move in a straight line is a challenge… 8-)Remember that this kit doesn’t include ANY electronics except for the brushed 460 standard drive engine. But, again, as compared to the RTR kits, this allows you to converse to your kids about the value of a high excellent transmitter, sealed servos, etc.. The purpose of the kits it they’re pretty inexpensive, with great fun factor and good to learn with and find the RC bug.

Tamiya The Hornet Model Review | TMYTAM58336 Review


“The Hobby Wing Esc Thats Commonly Purchased On Amazon With All These Cars Works Fine, But Beware That Locating The Ability Switch Where …”

Ill provide the Hornet 5 stars only for nostalgia. If you know what this buggy is, build it just to bring back memories.The automobile has some small suspension adjustments that can be done through the build, and if youre NOT going to run exclusively on sidewalk then put it to delicate. The 540 has enough power just to keep this car rebounding nonstop even on a gravel street if you’ve got the spring spacers in.Also the box states very specifically that an ESC isn’t included, so beware of this. The Hobby Wing ESC thats commonly purchased on Amazon with those automobiles works fine, but beware that finding the power switch at which the Tamiya instructions want it’s not likely to happen without modification into the ESC.This is no problem in my opinion, like I just mounted on side of the ESC so I could reverse the power through the front window area. Get creative when using a non Tamiya ESC.

Tamiya The Hornet Model Review | TMYTAM58336 Review


“No Rate Controller Contained”

Had one as a child, now introducing to my kids.The only drawback is that it stated tgat it arrived with a rate controller; the one I purchased did not. Disappointing to start assembling it with my son simply to tell her we must wait a day or two because a part which was described as being contained, wasn’t and had to be ordered.

Tamiya The Hornet Model Review | TMYTAM58336 Review