Friday , September 21st 2018
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INNO Universal Mount Locking Surfboard Rack for Car, Truck, or SUV



  • Locking surfboard rack for cars, trucks, or SUVs
  • Mounts to square, round, and most factory crossbars
  • Floating strap system for easy loading and unloading
  • Rubber-coated stainless straps and rubber cushions
  • Holds up to 3 short boards or 2 long boards



INA744 Reviews

“Greater Than I Expected”

equalsequals Update after considerably use equalsequalsequalsAfter working with this for some time I enjoy it much more. I chased i It takes 25 minutes to pull on the plank out of my garage and have it loaded on the stand. It takes 18 minutes to carry it off the stand and place it away.I dont bother placing my short plank in my car some more. Its easier to simply throw it to the rack.Ive taken off the rack to get a few road trips and its approximately two minutes to set it back to the car.Some of their ideal cash Ive actually spent.equalsequals Initial review equalsequals* easily attached to my mill pubs in a couple of minutes. Same bracket since the ski rack I’ve got from exactly the exact same manufacturer. Way much better than the Thule bracket on my bicycle rack. When its set up minus the threading of whatever. Only release a knob and it pops off or forth. Easy, secure and fast. Id love to get a beer to the engineer who made it. * Super easy use. Twist up the boards there. Attach the fold. Down it. * Holds the planks more firmly than pads and straps I used previously. Theres no probability of these planks slipping side to side so that you dont actually have to shake down so tough on the planks. Together with the straps I constantly felt as though I needed to yank them super tight to maintain my longboard out of going. * No longer throwing straps on the automobile and running in circles. * I take a huge thick long plank and a table. It might hold a different board readily. * BONUS: As the planks sit somewhat higher from the rails you acquire slightly bit more clearance when you’ve got a tailgate. Even the tailgate of my FX 35 goes up a little more before hitting on the board.This thing required the greatest pain about browsing and made it easy. Easily worth the money. Purchase one.

INNO Universal Mount Locking Surfboard Rack for Car, Truck, or SUV|INA744 | Locking Surfboard Roof Rack

“Excellent Rack! ”

Ive owned this item for a single month, but during that brief time that I have traveled 1,600 miles taking two longboards in addition to a Mazda CX-9 using all the factory rack and cross bars, ” The major issue I had when I bought this stand was how quickly can I safely traveling and I’m very happy to state that 70-80 MPH wasn’t any issue. There was little to no wind sound and I didn’t find there for a substantial drop in the MPG throughout the excursions. The rack has been quite simple to install and remove when not being used. Placing the planks onto the stand and eliminating them was speedy and painless and there wasn’t any harm to board. Only place noted for advancement is that the four rubber pads at the top part of the rack occasionally fall off if installing or removing the rack and might get dropped if you aren’t paying close attention, leaving the stand useless according to another reviewer. A little super glue needs to solve this issue!

INNO Universal Mount Locking Surfboard Rack for Car, Truck, or SUV|INA744 | Locking Surfboard Roof Rack